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European & Speciality Vehicles

Body & Paint
Whether its carbon fiber roof repair, aftermarket bodykit installation, or a full respray, 2M has the expertise to ensure a perfect finish. Preparation is everything when it comes to paint, and we do not take shortcuts.
Carbon Fiber
2M designs and manufactures a variety of carbon fiber parts, including direct replacement BMW roofs, dashboards, and trunks. Need something custom? We can work with you to design custom carbon fiber parts with a OEM fit and finish.
Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating
Paint correction performed by professional autobody paint technician is a step above from what you get with a detailer. We provide "true" paint correction and coating services to restore paint to its OEM finish, providing the most glass-like service possible.
Performance Part Installation
Whether you want the best fitment on the streets, or just want to carve the local canyons, we’ve got you covered. 2M can source and install all varieties of performance parts, including big brake kits, turbos, suspension, wheels, aero, and body kits.
Taking the time to perform both routine and preventative maintenance keeps your vehicle at its best for years to come. We specializes in major preventative maintenance items for BMWs, such as rod bearings, subframe reinforcement, crank hubs, and more!
Custom Builds
Building a high performance track car or a crazy street build is no small feat. 2M has the experience and knowledge to help you conceptualize your build and then bring it to life. When perfection is everything, you can trust your build with 2M.

California’s Premier Performance Autobody and Performance Shop

Founded in 2009, 2M Autowerks provides autobody and automotive performance services for BMW and other European and Specialty vehicles. Whether it is OEM quality paintwork, installation of performance or cosmetic aftermarket parts, major maintenance, or a full build 2M has expertise to bring your vision to life.

With extensive experience and a passion for quality, 2M is San Diego’s choice for vehicles where perfection is everything.

Tesla, Rivian, Lamborghini, Mclaren, Ferrari, & more!

Featured Services

Carbon Fiber Roof Repair

Factory BMW carbon fiber roofs are often prone to oxidation, yellowing, and peeling. We can bring your damaged roof back to an OEM finish with our Carbon Fiber Roof Repair service. This includes stripping off all clear coat from your damaged roof, applying multiple layers of new high-quality PPG clear, and thorough polish to ensure the best finish.

Front-End Refinishing

The front bumper is the highest contact service anywhere on your vehicle. Repairing deep rock chip damage requires a complete bumper restoration. 2M will properly prep, paint, polish, and blend your front bumper to give it an OEM finish. Don't settle for a cheap respray. 2M has the attention to detail and expertise to get your paint job done right.

E46 "Big 3" Maintenance Package

The BMW E46 M3 with the S54 engine is an incredibly powerful and capable vehicle, but it has some notable points of failure. You will often hear people talk about “The Big 3” when it comes to maintenance on your E46. The Big 3 includes rod bearings, a rebuilt VANOS, and subframe reinforcement. With our extensive knowledge of the E46 platform, we address these major maintenance items, so you can enjoy your E46 without worry!

Full Paint Correction

While your local detailer can offer some great results with a paint correction, its a completely different experience with a professional autobody technician. At 2M, we understand what goes in to a full paint correction and the equipment, skills, and patience to bring out the best finish in your car's paint. Don't settle for a subpar paint correction, and get the best with 2M.

About 2M Autowerks

In 2009, David and Richard opened a small shop fixing up and modifying E46 BMWs. They quickly became known for their high-quality paintwork and has since become San Diego’s premier shop for high quality paintwork and performance parts.

2M still focuses on their BMW roots, but works on builds of all shapes and sizes. 2M has had the opportunity to work on many crazy custom builds such as 2M GT3 Widebody BMW F80 M3, the Ferrari 458 Swapped Scion FRS and the World’s First Molded Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R.