Carbon Fiber Roof Repair

BMW Carbon Fiber Roof Clear Coat Repair ($1800)

  • Strip the damaged clear coat from your factory BMW carbon fiber roof
  • Apply multiple layers of new high-quality clear coat

Many of the M models of BMWs such as the M3, M4, M5, and M6 come with a carbon fiber roof straight from the factory. This carbon fiber roof looks awesome but also shaves some weight from the car and lowers its center of gravity. However, this roof is prone to problems over time.

These roofs are notorious for peeling, yellowing, and oxidizing which can ruin the look of your vehicle. Often this may be a result of poor maintenance on the roof when the owner fails to wash and wax it as often as they should. However, even the most maintained BMW carbon fiber roof may start to peel. Just like regular paint and headlights carbon fiber is still prone to oxidation. As the clear coat on the roof starts to degrade and the carbon fiber underneath essentially starts to rot. Unfortunately, no amount of polishing and wax can save the roof once this process has begun.

BMW does say they cover the carbon fiber roof under warranty on some newer vehicles. However, if you look online, you will see many people complaining that the BMW dealership refuses to repair these damaged carbon fiber roofs. They will often say it is a result of rock chips or other debris hitting the car and is no longer covered.

At 2M Autowerks, we don’t want to leave you hanging when the beautiful carbon fiber roof on your BMW starts to peel or fade. We offer a carbon fiber roof clear coating service for damaged roofs like these. We start by completing stripping the original layer of clear coat from the roof and refinishing it properly with multiple layers of new high-quality clear. Don’t bother with the dealership, save time and money and get it done right today!